Sound Design ShowReel 2014


Soundtrack for RE:Creation

Great video by Kazimierz Liberski
With my music (from the beginning to credits)
I recommend switch on HD and put on headphones.


Impeti D’Arte II Edition – Ambient music

Recently I had great opportunity to compose music for an artistic event.


Impeti D’Arte II Edition
Palazzo Venezia, Naples, Italy

Event was related to four elements so I created four ambient tracks. Enjoy.

Macbeth Soundtrack

Metal remix

So, here is my remix for death metal band Feared (Sweden) that organized an competition for new mix or remix of their song. By new mix I mean guitar reamping, mixing drums etc. I have tried something different. In the end I did not win anything but it was interesting project.

Their official website (and winners of contest, for me especially second prize winner is interesting):

Soundtrack IX